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Blue digital background. Random binary code. Man looking at the screen of a digital tablet with a magnifier.

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Silhouette of man's head in front of computer monitor light at night. Digital green numbers and letters as code rain on a black background. Cyber security background with hud interface, particles and depth of field. Hacking and spy. Digital technology 3D illustration. Detective with photo camera vector illustration. Young man spying on someone with digital camcorder indoors of secret apartment flat style design.

Keeker at work concept. Hacker concept. Cyber spy steal digital data from the laptop. Thief attack computer system. Hacking in the internet.

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Set of line icons. Isolated flat vector illustration. Hacker using laptop. Lots of digits on the computer screen. Protection concept. Protect mechanism, system privacy. Tracking User Internet Data. Digital Footprint. Internet security and privacy issues with a human eye and digital binary code as surveillance of hackers or hacking from cyber criminals watching prohibited access to web sites with firewalls.

Private detective, undercover cop, investigator, spy or paparazzi with camera taking photos. Agent or police spying, investigating or following people. Espionage or surveillance concept.

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Man hiding. Hacking vector line icons set.

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Cyber virus, digital protection, hacker attack, internet security. Editable stroke. Perfect pixel icons, such can be scaled to 24, 48, 96 pixels. Digital camera lens part. Spy mini equipment of modern nano technologies.

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Hackers abseiling steal data from computer. The abstract image of the hacker reach hand through a laptop screen for stealing the data as binary code. Security room with working professional. Flat style illustration. EPS 10 vector. Cyber surveillance concept with spy eye hologram over cpu in background. Concept of privacy tracking, digital spying, artificial intelligence and spyware. Digital Nodes and Connection Paths. Cybersecurity, computer hacker with hoodie and obscured face, computer code overlaying image.

Surveillance vector illustration. Flat tiny security camera person concept.

Safety equipment for protection control. Spy, guard and detective monitoring. Criminal and thief crime CCTV warning detector. Silhouette of a anonymous person with binary codes from monitor.

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Macro computer screen shot with binary code and password tex, great concept for computer, technology and online security. Hacking red and blue digital binary code matrix 01 background. Hacker, dark web, matrix, Digital data code in safety security technology concept. Rise of the big data AI age. Digital concept, high tech defocused blue light. Vector illustration with mobile phone with eyes. Big data concept art, spying future technology print design. Black and white doodle style drawing. Finger print Scanning Identification System. Biometric Authorization and Business Security Concept.

Young woman Paparazzi photographer capturing a photo suspiciously from around a jalousie while using a camera. Binary code. Internet network background. Concept of internet sharing. Hacker attack and web security vector concept, phishing scam. Netwrok and internet security.

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Smartphones and tablets, the advent of social media and the explosion of newer forms of communication like texting have made digital technology an even deeper part of the fabric of adolescence. As these digital phenomena have proliferated, so, too, have tools for controlling access to them for health and safety reasons. One carrier, T-Mobile, says it has four million customers using a free service that blocks their children from viewing sexual content, graphic violence and crude humor.

More recently, phone makers like Apple have made capabilities like family location tracking even more accessible by building them into their phone software free.

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Activating the function on an iPhone also helps one locate a misplaced device. One danger of these technologies, of course, is that many parents will be tempted to overuse them, and in intrusive ways. Why did you go there? Lee Tien, a senior staff lawyer at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit focused on online rights, is among those who are skeptical about digitally monitoring children.

Tien, who has two children in their 20s. Boyd wrote in an email. Teenagers share their passwords for social media and other accounts with boyfriends and girlfriends. But devastating in an unhealthy one. The same goes for adult couples who use digital technologies to keep tabs on each other. Sarah McQuade, a stay-at-home mother in Kittery, Me.