Listening in on cell phone calls

How to Listen Someone’s Cell Phone Conversation Remotely

For example, you may want to coach a sales rep on how to be more successful by listening in on live sales calls. Because it's so easy to set up, our phone call spying software is an ideal and affordable solution to secretly track and listen to phone calls on your company smartphones as they happen. Our Call Intercept feature can be useful for personal use too.

Say for example, a scenario where you may need coaching or guidance during, or in the aftermath of a phone call. Perhaps it was an interview done over the phone and you would like an acquaintance with subject matter know-how to listen in to give you pointers. Or maybe you are asking someone on a date and feel the need to have a trusted friend chaperone your call to make sure you say the right things.

Why do we need spying software?

FlexispY feature reference All. Benefits for Employers Are you considering buying your work staff mobile devices?

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Benefits for Individuals Our Call Intercept feature can be useful for personal use too. I guess no one ever mentioned that to him. I can remember sometime around , driving around with a friend chasing trains.

How to Listen anyone phone Calls (100%working)

He drove and I ran the scanner. After about a minute, my friend asked me why we were listening to that, and I resumed my scanning duty.


But because it used to be possible, rumors persist that it may still be possible to listen to cell phone calls with a scanner. I clung to an ancient analog cell phone long after it was cool, just because it was more reliable and it sounded better. Early digital cell phones sounded terrible.

But eventually the industry moved to all-digital cellular networks because it allowed other things, like Internet on our phones. We take that for granted now. Encryption is just scrambling a message so only the person on the receiving end can descramble it.

Tap their calls

Listening to cell phone conversations is certainly possible, but it requires more expensive equipment and a much higher degree of skill than using a police scanner. The biggest telltale sign of the neighborhood mad scientist trying to listen to your calls would be your mobile phone degrading to 3G or 2G or lower, which have weaker encryption that they probably can break. But this is more the stuff of theory than practicality, due to the cost involved.

There are still some parts of the phone network that sometimes get converted to analog and transmitted, so a nosy neighbor with a police scanner can still pick up parts of calls occasionally. Use of Stingray devices by local law enforcement is controversial because it allows them to listen to phone conversations without a search warrant. This allows the police or other law enforcement to listen in. The public airwaves belong to everybody, so there is nothing illegal about listening to the airwaves.

Today the phone companies do that for us by encrypting our phone conversations. Journalists did it for the entire 20th century, and that was how they covered the criminal justice beat.

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The famous photojournalist Weege used to sleep with a police scanner by his bed. He trained himself to get up when he heard certain things and rush to the scene of an event in the middle of the night to get the shots that propelled him to immortality. These tended to be low-budget phones, but people would buy them because they were cheap. Many cordless phones sold since the mid s did scramble their signals. But not all.